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Origin:  London, UK     

Genres:  Prog Pop Rock/ Heavy Rock   

Active:  September 2015 - Present


Main Site:

Rock Music. Sci-Fi. Comic Art. Animation. 

Death Ingloria now live stream on a daily basis across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as well as a weekly live show on Sunday nights on Twitch.

Check out one of our latest live streams here:

Aug 2019 saw Death Ingloria hitting the stage at Boom Town Fair, World Con, Dublin (World Science Fiction Convention) and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now they have set their sights on creating Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin, the next volume of the story.

Death Ingloria explores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and its inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation.​
Death Ingloria's debut album The Wolf Onboard is a complete Science Fiction story told across seven songs, a seven page comic book and seven animated videos which play out during Death Ingloria's performances.  The comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters. 

Each of Death Ingloria's albums are complete Sci-Fi stories accompanied by an animated comic.  

The 'band' is made up of Galina Rin and Okami, Galina Rin's custom built AI companion. While not out at shows Death Ingloria reside on Home Base Alpha, a spinning station somewhere up amongst the stars, away from the maddening antics of Earth.

Death Ingloria is one of the world's most convenient support bands.  A one human show without backline that brings a Sci-Fi anime epic to stages large and small.

In their first year Death Ingloria played Club Antichrist (the worlds largest Gothic fetish club), have been made into holograms to perform on two stages simultaneously at London Sci-fi Film Festival.

They have performed at London's historic 100 Club, hosted stages at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con, played London Anime and Gaming Con as well as supporting Sonic Boom Six, Johnny Dowd, Jimmy Gnecco, Senser, Chasing Dragons and Italy's Elegy of Madness.  


For fans of: Evanescence, Coheed and Cambria

Death Ingloria has started working on their second album. They are broadcasting a weekly live stream about the process.  View these on the YouTube Channel.


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